Our Story

They say that a rug ties a room together. At Pristine rugs we believe that a rug can do so much more. The hardest surfaces of your homes are graced with the softest coverings that emphasize the elegance of your personal space. We are dedicated and committed to designing and crafting the rugs that reflect the designs, colors and textures that you desire.

Our handmade collections reveal the exquisite artisanship and a personal touch to the rug. It is not just one design or pattern either. Traditional, contemporary or your own inspiration, we assist you in sourcing a rug that best tells your story. Let our craftsmanship match your imagination as we look to deliver a peaceful presence to every corner of your home.

We believe that our personal spaces are a reflection of the journeys we undertake and the milestones we celebrate. Every aspect of our homes have a story to tell and a purpose to reveal. Our rugs, like your own spaces, are a reflection of a long journey and reveal the purpose of our craft. We take immense pride in sharing with you the heart of our journey as we present you with some of the most exquisitely designed and expertly crafted rugs that would add colors, warmth and comfort to your homes.